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Food, Family, and 50% Off Fabric.

  I Am Thankful For Fabric!       

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          Food, friends and family, those are the 3 main “F’s” that define Thanksgiving.  How about adding a fourth F…fabric!  As we wrap up another Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded how meaningful and wonderful of a day it is because it forces us to slow down and enjoy the company of loved ones from near and far.  For me, it’s the time of year when my husband and I get to spend uninterrupted time with an old friend from high school.  He comes over after he has had his Thanksgiving meal with his family to spend time with our family.  We spend hours in our living room laughing, talking current events, and filling each other in about our lives and careers.

            Last night was no different.  In the midst of our time together, he mentioned that he had brought a few pillows from his home in Raleigh and was wondering if I would be able to sew him some new pillow covers.  The answer was, “But of course I can!”  But there was the dilemma of it being Thanksgiving evening and when we would find and source a fabric he would love in a timely manner.  Then I remembered that I had recently taken a look at Fabric.com and figured this was a good time to try it out.

            Their website was very easy to use.  They have thousands of fabrics available to buy on-line - all kind of different types of fabrics, upholstery, apparel, interior, and exterior.  We knew that we were looking for upholstery fabric and since I have helped him design his homes in the past, I was familiar with his style and tastes.  It was a matter of minutes before I found the perfect fabric for him.  We also found a coupon on-line for him to use through 11/25 for 50%off, making a $12/yard fabric only $6/yard!  What a deal!  

            What helped clinch the deal on the actual fabric was the photos that other customers had shared on the website of how they had used the same fabric on pillows, chairs and even as a wall covering.  It helped to give us a sense of scale and coloring.  After he saw those photos, we knew we had picked the right fabric for his living room.

Robert Allen @ Home Handcut Shapes Charcoal

            Fabric.com also has some great tutorial videos.  And funny enough, I had watched the one on making pillows previously.  When I sew pillow covers for myself, I generally make the envelope casings, so I can easily change them out when I need a fresh look.  I was able to show my friend the video so he could see the 3 other types of options available and therefore, he could determine what style of pillow he would like for me to sew for him.  It was really helpful to be able to show him a quick four-minute video to help him narrow down his options and get us on the same page.  Now, those 3 other options include a zipper.  Also, on Fabric.com, he can order the zippers too! 

            Today he is coming by with the pillows so I can measure them and we can determine how many yards of fabric he will need to purchase.  He will have the fabric and zippers sent directly to me and I’ll sew him some new pillow covers for his sofa, easy peasy, just like that.  And we didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home to go looking for fabric.

            Highly recommended if you are looking for some fabrics, tutorial videos and a great deal!  I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   And remember, if you want to change up some pillows in your home, give me a call, I’m happy to help you select the right fabric and can also sew some new covers for you in no time!

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