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What In Your Life Is Savor Worthy? Join the Savor Challenge

Are you ready to Savor the moments, things and places you come across on a daily basis?

As part of my health insurance program, we can earn money to be added to our HSA (Health Savings Account). There are a variety of things you can do to earn that money.  The one I selected is to complete an online health coaching course. I started with a Meditation track because who couldn’t use a reminder of why we need to meditate regularly.  More recently, I chose to start the course on Happiness, which is lead by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness.

One of the exercises within the course has peaked my interest and, while it would be fun to do it alone and record my findings online, it would definitely be more fun to share the experience with you and see if you’ll join me!

SavorDay (or Monday, March 4th)

Basically, it’s simple, pick a day to dedicate to this exercise. I chose next Monday, March 4, 2019. On this date, you will go about your day as usual, but make a conscious effort to pay more attention and truly savor the moments, things and places you encounter throughout the day. The goal is to notice at least 10 savor worthy moments and record them by taking a photo.

  • Post 10 photos to Instagram and/or Facebook (in the moment or at the end of the day, if you prefer).
  • Write a short description about why you chose to savor that particular thing/event and what made it savor worthy.


When you post, use the hashtag #SavorHappinessChallenge. This will allow us to see what is inspiring each of us throughout the day! Also, feel free to share this challenge with your friends. The point of this exercise is to become more aware of the beautiful little things throughout our daily lives and make a choice to “savor” them. When you make this attitude shift, you will likely start to feel more happiness in your daily life. And just like meditation, who couldn’t use more happiness in their life?


I look forward to seeing what you find savor worthy throughout your day. I was originally going to make the challenge on a Friday, but when I thought about it more, I figured Mondays can be a little harder. So, how about we try to find the good on a Monday!

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