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Interior Design & Organizing Services

Great Design Should Be Accessible To Everyone

"I reached out to Melissa when I was feeling overwhelmed by the disorganization in my house and hoping to add some of my personality to areas I'd never decorated, but struggling with where to start. After a virtual walkthrough, she quickly assessed the situation and helped me get started. Within a few days we'd worked together to turn my walk in closet from a floor to ceiling pile of stuff I couldn't even use to a functional and organized space. We also worked on organizing my bedroom and she helped me with design ideas to take it from a drab boring space to a joyful, colorful sanctuary that's perfect for me. We did all of this through video calls, texts, and emails. She coached and encouraged me, and I actually think I've done a better job of keeping everything organized because I did the work with my own hands! I highly recommend Melissa and this experience to anyone looking to organize and improve their space."
                                                                             -Katie E.


With over 15 years of commercial and residential interior design experience, I love connecting with clients to create a functional and beautiful space.  After graduating from the University of Maryland College Park with a degree in business and marketing, I decided to pursue my first love, earning my degree in Interior Design from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC.

What Does Your Space Say About You?

Your space should be a reflection of your personality and the things that matter most to you.  Every detail, color, and item in your space weaves together an unspoken but powerful narrative about who you are and how your priorities align. 

"We've struggled with our family room layout ever since moving to our house 12 years ago. Working with Melissa has transformed the space from being our least favorite in our home to being our favorite room. It's now light & airy and reflective of our taste and style. We can't wait to welcome friends into the space after the pandemic!"

                                                                           -Kristie W.

Are You Feeling Confident In Your Home Office Space?

Now more than ever, as you bring colleagues and clients into your spaces via Zoom and Skype it becomes increasingly important to give some thought to our space and how it frames your narrative personally and professionally. 

Are You Inspired In Your Spaces?

Let's face it, you are spending a lot more time at home and may have had more time to focus on some of the details that irritate or unsettle you about your spaces. 

Do you have a closet that you feel is out of control? 

How about kitchen cabinets where you can't find anything? 

If it's a room that needs a refresh or an area of your home that you are unsure of and can't quite put your finger on the fix, feel free to reach out to me to discuss.

Do You Feel The Need For A Better Organized Home?

Being organized is not something that comes naturally to everyone, so don't worry if that's the case for you.  I have always enjoyed organizing since I was little.  A few years ago, I added organizing to my list of services.  I can help you tackle the smallest of spaces (think drawers) to your larger areas (think kitchens).  Organizing is a process of assessing your current spaces and belongings, keeping only the things that actively serve you and then finding a manageable system that will work for you and your family.

"Melissa has helped with various projects throughout our home, and each one has added joy to our lives.  During this time where we are spending so much time at home, the need for functional beauty has become even more critical.  So, we enlisted Melissa to help us organize our pantry.  She made it look presentable when the door is left open (always!) and created a system that my family has been able to maintain for eight months. 

Over the years, Melissa has also helped us select paint colors, shop online for furniture and decor, minimize and organize, redesign everyday spaces (living room), and make rarely used spaces more functional (dining room).  Additionally, the process with her is also fun, inspired, and focused on what matters most to us as a family. 

We recommend Melissa Vickers to anyone seeking help in maximizing and beautifying the spaces in their home."

                                                                        -Michelle & Alex S.

How Can We Work Together And Stay Safe?

For now, I am handling most consultations via FaceTime or Zoom.  I can work with you over the phone, via text, and using user-friendly tools like Pinterest.  Online shopping has made the process of interior design a lot easier than before.  


Ready To Get Started?

Contact Me to discuss your interest areas and figure out the best way to get started towards creating spaces you love within your budget. 

How Can I Be Of Help To You?

  • Space Planning
  • Personal Home Shopping
  • Styling
  • Room Refresh
  • Art Placement
  • Paint Color Selection
  • Closet Organization
  • Home Staging 
  • Downsizing